EFreekidz Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in helping with EFreeKidz - our ministry to kids in grades 1 thru 6 on Wednesdays from 6 to 7:30 pm each week during the school year. We build the environment with props.  We build the kids through relationships.  We communicate as a team.  Join us

Below are some opportunities

Serving Opportunities

  • Snack Provider
  • Bible Story Teller (use a very well laid out script and your Bible and a few props)
  • Worship Leader (we use videos with lyrics)
  • Small Group Leader (we need 1 to 3 small group leaders)
  • Opening/Closing Leader (welcome the kids and introduce the topic for the night)
  • Environment Designer (each month, transform the room with props for maximum effect)

Interested?  Click HERE to email Pastor Dave